Celebrities criticized educational institutions for forcing children to attend school amidst heatwave in Pakistan

“Please bachon par reham karein. Start the schools after their summer vacations.” said Agha Ali

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Pakistan has been undergoing a severe heatwave this week as two days ago, reports emerged of schools in Islamabad where 25 children suffered from fainting and nosebleeds due to the immense heat and load shedding. People also took to Twitter to criticize authorities for not taking careful precautions for the protection of children as well as sending reminders to other people on how to take care of themselves:

Celebrities like Meesha Shafi and Agha Ali took to Twitter to condemn this incident and requested authorities to allow children to stay at home and study instead of staying outside in this heat.

Musician and actor Meesha Shafi shared a twitter post of a security guard who said that wearing polyester uniforms in the scorching heat was making them suffer immensely. Above the post she had written:

“Polyester uniforms have no place in our region. None. Normalize cotton/muslin shalwar kurtaz. School kids, guards.. whoever.”

Agha Ali also took to his Instagram stories to share a screenshot of the news report of the children fainting in their schools, and along with in the caption he had urged authorities to understand that it was incapable for adults like him to do their daily work in this scorching heat, then they should take some sympathy over the children and let them stay at home in order to stay protected from this heatwave:

“This heat is just killing these days. I had to stop shooting as it was 44 degrees in Lahore and even in Islamabad today. Please bachon par reham karien. Start the schools after their summer vacation. This one week just for the fees! Sharam karien, reham karien!”