Celebrities criticize the latest ban by Bahawal Victoria Hospital on womens dressing

Celebrities and twitter users criticized the strict dress code by saying that it further alienated women in the workplace

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Recently Bahawal Victoria Hospital announced a strict dress code for women doctors and nurses during working hours, which included a ban on jeans, tights, tight-fitted or see through clothes, heavy makeup etc. The superintendent Dr Warraich, said that the bill was introduced in order “preach Islam and reform the society“.

Celebrities like Shehzad Roy and Kanwal Ahmed had criticized the bill on Twitter by saying that it was sexist and heavily biased to keep women out of the workplace. Activist and singer Shehzad Roy took to Twitter to point out that a woman’s dressing did not define her capability of saving a man’s life and this bill was just another attempt by men to exert control over women

Similarly, founder of “Soul Sisters Pakistan” and producer Kanwal Ahmed took to Twitter to call out how certain clothing items like jeans were consistently associated with vulgarity when women wore them, but no one raises any concern over a man wearing jeans?

Other Twitter users called out the deeply sexist dress-code bill by pointing out how the blame of harassment and vulgarity has always been held over women, but men are never held accountable for their actions and yet keep working even after they harass or assault women

Another user pointed out that there is a bigger crisis of doctors getting false medical degrees that needs to be addressed by the authorities but instead they choose to find more ways to further malign women


Many women also mentioned how society chooses to victim blame women over their choice of clothing and blame it for the prevalence of rape and sexual assault in our society. This user shared her personal experience of working in a school where a colleague reprimanded other women for wearing jeans because it was the reason why they were harassed by men