Celebrities Are Helping Us Improve Our Makeup Skills In Quarantine!

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor

Ever saved a makeup tutorial on instagram or youtube but never got the time to recreate it! Yes that happens with us too. However, with the current global situation, everyone is locked in their houses which gives us and you the time to brush up our makeup skills. Thankfully, celebrity makeup artists and style icons are there for as as always!

(Don’t worry you’re in safe hands-virtuallyūüėč)

Natasha from Natasha Salon has been updating her instagram profile with some great tutorials that are not only a treat to watch but also easy to recreate. Her instagram profile also features a variety of snaps and videos that will help you stay productive during this time. Have a look!

Bina Khan is another makeup artist who’s insta lives are keeping us hooked! Love her detailed presentation. Head over to her account and find the lives in her highlights section.

Our favorite style icon, Ayesha Omar has also taken to Youtube to help us refine our makeup skills. In her latest vlog she helps us recreate a no makeup look with step by step guidelines. Do we love her or do we love her?

Numra from Numra Makeup has also been entertianing us with her chirpy yet helpful videos, be it an easy skincare routine or a diy hair mask. We love how she takes us through the entire process and displays the before and after shots!

Another celebrity to have blessed us with her secret makeup skills is none other than Iqra Aziz. She also recently uploaded an easy everday glam tutorial which was not only helpful but fun to watch as well. Go check it out!

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