Celebrities and fans congratulate Haider Ali for winning a gold medal at the Olympics

“You made us all proud. Keep inspiring us” tweeted cricket player Babar Azam

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Haider Ali made all of Pakistan proud yesterday when he won a gold medal at the Discus Thrower event at the Paralympic games. Sports players like Babar Azam and Sarfaraz Ahmed reached out to the winner to congratulate him for his hard earned efforts and making Pakistan proud!

Celebrities also reached out on social media to praise the superstar for his valiant efforts to make Pakistan proud at an international platform. Actress Hania Amir called Haider Ali “Pakistan’s hero”

Actor Faisal Qureshi praised the sportsman for creating history and congratulated him for his win

Singer and actor Farhan Saeed also congratulated the Olympian for his historic hold medal win

Fashion designer and actor HSY reached out through Twitter to congratulate Haider Ali and said that his efforts had made an entire nation extremely proud and proved that nothing can stop a man from achieving greatness

Haider Ali achieved the medal at the Discus Thrower event where he reached an incredible 55.26m distance, which was a personal best and defeated Mykola Zhabnyak. Hopefully his win will not be the last gold medal we were Pakistan win in the future Olympic games and encourage public authorities to fund sports so more sportsmen can make us proud internationally!