Celebrating Courage, Choice and Love, this year with Mashion Mashaadi 2022.



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“Mashaadi 2022 is all in the commotion due to the strong message it conveys”

Mashion has once again beautifully presented some less talked about and harsh realities of our weddings and marriages.

The latest Mashaadi 2022 starring the dazzling Mahira Khan and Sikander Rizvi is currently receiving all the buzz. The video is written and director by (the renowned actor from “Parey Hut Love) Sheheryar Munawar. People are looking forward to see more of Sheheryar-Mahira works in the subsequent times.

The video represents a very strong drawback of our social values and shows how women are sometimes; many times, coerced to do things. Act upon everybody’s expectation. However, it is not just about women. It is about the society as a whole and how the change can be originated by small acts.

In the representation (Mahira Khan playing the lead) the girl is facing pre marital abuse from her fiancé. On the Baraat night, she decides to stand up for herself and is well backed up by her family. This was the most beautiful part of the vision.

Courage, empowerment, standing up for oneself, consent and the right to say no are not yet accepted by our society if these come from a female. The families are the first ones to withdraw these qualities. Because of disapproval at a major rate, many decide to back off and accept everything in the name of fate or projecting is as something every female has to do.

“Relationships are meant to be like this”. Wrong. Relationships do have ups and downs. Relationships do ask for compromise. But it is at a certain extent. Sometimes letting go is the best thing one can do.

This year, Mashion is celebrating courage, choice and love.

Should one learn to stand out or remain contained into societal benefits?

Romaisa Qureshi.