Bushra Ansari “Stop age-shaming women for enjoying their lives!”

The actress spoke out against the backlash she received after a video clip of her dancing on a wedding went viral

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Veteran actor Bushra Ansari was trolled on social media by misogynists after a video of her dancing on a wedding went viral, and words like “buddhi” “awaragard” and “is this the islamic republic of Pakistan” were some of the comments trolls left underneath.

Age shaming a woman for expessing her happiness even after she crosses her twenties is rooted in the misogynist notion that women are suppose to hide themselves and are undesirable to society once they’re above forty. Age is just a number, and this should never be something that holds back women from achieving their dreams at any age.

Bushra Ansari was also quick to shut down the trolls by defending her right to enjoy herself after experiencing the loss of her sister three months ago:

“I was in deep grief from the last three months and this loss was going to be in our hearts till our last breathe. 2 days ago it was a family dholki and all my friends there were insisting me to get out of the stress and my sadness. ”

The actress further pointed out that how disappointing was it to see the reaction of trolls to an old woman dancing happily at a wedding, and pointed out that no woman should feel ashamed for her age and should enjoy her life regardless of what society has to say to her!

“But sad ..to see people s reaction.they just want to see us unhappy cas we are famous and specially when somebody is over a certain age..how pathetic..I am telling you this is the best age to enjoy life when u are done with all your duties and alhamdullillah I ve achieved so much in this age I don’t ve any regrets if I am over 60..so this is a cheap weapon of telling elders that u are old n u ve no right to be happy..why not ? I don’t understand why young kids feel insecure of older people.. if this is the only flow being old, pl change your thinking or treat your parents the same way.”

You can read her complete reply below:


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