Bushra Ansari feels people should adopt less pets and more children

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Pakistani veteran actress Bushra Ansari uploaded a Youtube vlog where she shared some hilarious advice for people who tend to adopt a lot of pets, by suggesting that they should consider adopting children instead. The ‘Tere Bin’ actress narrated how she knew a family whose daughter had 29 cats. Ansari explained that their cats were fed imported food, were provided with imported accessories.

“Roughly, it would have cost around Rs 3-4 lacs per month to feed these cats,” said the ‘Dolly Ki Ayegi Barat’ actress. “I just feel that you can get the same amount of joy from one cat or dog. Instead you could adopt three or four children, then that would be more worthwhile.”

The actress revealed a close friend of hers had complained how their dog misbehaved and had also wet the bed. She explained that it would be much better if people invested the same amount of love and finances into a child, then at least after five years that child would greet them in the morning rather than misbehave the way dogs do.

Bushra expressed her grief that there were several children out there who were abandoned in orphan shelters or were begging in the streets to make a living. The actress cited Hadiqa as an exemplary parent for adopting a child, and praised for how he had grown up to become a good person.

Watch the complete video below: