Brushing success: A Conversation with Novacolor’s Executive Chairman




What inspired Novacolor to specialize in premium wall finishes, and how does the team approach the creation of each product with a commitment to craftsmanship?

Novacolor is motivated by a desire to provide high-quality, durable, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing wall finishes that enhance both residential and commercial spaces. The team’s commitment to craftsmanship is evident in the meticulous attention to detail, the use of premium materials, and a dedication to innovation. Each product at Novacolor is carefully conceptualized, researched, and developed, taking into account the latest trends in design and the specific needs of customers. The team takes pride in creating finishes that not only meet but exceed customer expectations, ensuring that every product reflects the brand’s commitment to excellence.

Can you share some insights into the design philosophy that guides Novacolor’s artistic vision for wall finishes?

Our passion and skill help us create amazing projects with our clients in the worldwide design and architecture field. We aim to improve every day with new aesthetic results, more efficient and innovative products, more sustainability and care for the environment and people, more convenience and service for our customers.

Craftsmanship is often associated with a hands-on approach. How does Novacolor blend traditional craftsmanship techniques with modern technologies to achieve the desired level of quality in its products?

We have made a significant impact on the decorative finishes market by offering solutions with high added value, thanks to our targeted investments in development, research and technology, our detailed analysis, our bold choices and our solid company3. We use high-quality and organic raw materials to produce finishes with low environmental impact. We turn surfaces into artworks, we create new products with creativity and we offer a range of colors that match the latest market trends. We ensure UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality by conducting checks at every production stage, taking care of processing, and following strict protocols in our company organization. Our R&D department is the main source of creation and innovation in Novacolor products.

 Novacolor is known for its distinct brand identity. How does the team ensure that each wall finish reflects not only the product’s quality but also the essence of Novacolor’s artistic expression?

This is the result of a diverse team, which brings together different backgrounds, cultures and expertise. Even though we are geographically separated in over 100 countries we share a common vision: to tell the story of Novacolor by using materials, unified tools and techniques that enhance the quality of life at home, while caring for and preserving our environment.

In the process of creating premium wall finishes, where do you draw inspiration from? Are there specific themes, cultures, or artistic movements that have played a significant role in shaping Novacolor’s designs?

Novacolor cares deeply about the planet and people. Our company is inspired by nature and emotions, from gratitude to broken nature, from daydreaming to search of lost color, from the joy revolution to  how color will regenerate the world, and more. Each color, product and design has a story behind it, mirroring the cultures, norms and situations that the world and humanity are experiencing.

The personal touch in craftsmanship is something that resonates with many consumers. How does Novacolor infuse a sense of individuality into its products, making each wall finish a unique piece of art for the customer?

The freedom to create is the biggest of all, every texture on wall is consistently un-consistent hence making every stroke unique. The trained and skilled applicators understands the architects /designers requirement and delivers supremacy in quality, that’s why we are ‘The color of the architects.’

As the master artisan, can you share a memorable moment or project that encapsulates the dedication and passion invested in Novacolor’s craft?

There are many, each time I feel this is iconic soon enough legendary takes birth. Each and every project is like a master piece on its own so to name one or few is not justified, however becoming the novacolor Ambassador in 100 countries representing Pakistan is surely a treasure.

Novacolor recently participated in the IAPEX Expo 2023, providing Pakistani architects and home builders with the chance to experience the “In Search of Lost Color” Color trends for 2024. Can you share some highlights from this event and how the showcased color trends align with Novacolor’s overall vision and commitment to excellence in wall finishes?

Novacolor highlights the latest color and finish trends through annual product launches at IAPEX, a prestigious international exhibition of building products and services organized by the Institute of Architects Pakistan. At IAPEX, you’ll find a diverse range of both local and international building materials and service providers. This year, the novacolor trends for 2024, themed “In Search of Lost Color,” was unveiled simultaneously in Italy and Pakistan. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Architect Lounge during IAPEX Islamabad, happening from March 1st to 3rd at the Pak China Center, where you can immerse yourself in sustainable lifestyle concepts.