Brave Students Expose Male Teachers For Harassment!



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Recently social media has been ablaze after a few brave female students from one of the most renowned institutes of Lahore exposed and publicly shamed male teachers for sexually harassing them for years with impunity.

What left many beyond shocked was the undiscovered chain of such girls who faced harassment  from the same culprits! One after the other stepped out with their terrifying tales of even more terrifying experiences. These young women also did not shy from sharing screenshots of conversations and disturbing photographs sent to them as proof to support their stance.

The stories shared by the students generated massive outrage on social media with people demanding the administration to urgently inquire about the matter after which the accused were finally terminated! Here are the official termination letters issued by the school.

Social media activists have condemned the irresponsible behaviour of the schools’ administration and are furious for compromising the safety of young girls especially after another angle of the story came into light where the complaints filed by the girls were continuously being ignored.

Here’s how Twitter is reacting to the disturbing situation:

The bond that of a teacher and student is incredibly sacred. Such a breach is truly heartbreaking and saddening. However, on the brighter side of things, we are incredibly happy to see that these girls showed bravery and went ahead with exposing their teachers regardless of any pressures there may have been! It was the right thing to do. And they deserved it.

Well done girls!

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