‘Boys will be boys’ appears as an essay topic for CSS exam 2023




The Civil Service exam is known for it’s competitive nature with many students waiting for years to pass the prestigious exam. Many students have a dream growing up of being a civil servant for the country and directly serving the nation. However, even the most well qualified students fail to score marks high enough to secure a position as a civil servant.

In an interesting turn of events, Twitter has been flooded with the hashtag #CSS2023 and the reason will surprise you!

Turns out in a section where candidates are supposed to write an essay from a choice of given topics, the topic ‘Boys will be boys‘ was also mentioned. While it’s true that it depends on the candidate to decide which direction the essay takes but you can’t hide the fact that the statement is often used to excuse and dismiss questionable behavior by boys.

In a time where the fight for gender equality is very much visible, the existence of such problematic topics shows how much work still needs to be done and how we casually let sexism creep in anywhere and everywhere.

The boys have taken this incident as another source of meme fodder as is evident on Twitter but the issue is why do we have events that allow them to joke about such a sensitive topic.

We’re glad that Twitteratis took this incident as something to be highlighted.

Shocking indeed

Of all the topics in the world

When will we move on from ‘not all boys’, ‘boys will be boys’, ‘boys don’t cry’ culture. It’s toxic and demeaning for both men and women.