Sabeeka Imam makes boys confess to watching dramas!



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In a recent tweet by the doll faced model, Sabeeka Imam called out boys for watching Pakistani dramas yet not wanting to confess so in an effort to appear ‘cooler’.

In the tweet she wrote, “Boys say they’ve never seen a Pakistani drama like it is something to be proud. Beta jeee.. jhooot na bolein! Aap bhi chai ke waqt Ammi ke saath beth ke Jalan dekhte the!”

Here’s the original tweet which started a very interesting thread on Twitter:

Here’s how people responded to Sabeeka’s tweet:

Pakistani boys surely did come forward and did not hold back from confessing that they indeed do watch dramas contrary to the common idea of them being not interested. While some said that they have to watch dramas courtesy of their mother and sisters, others proudly admitted to religiously following the storyline. Some girls also joined the thread to appreciate Sabeeka for finally having said the truth.

Dramas are not limited to any one gender they are for everyone to watch and enjoy. We’re so glad that Sabeeka took the initiative to address this common concern. What are your thoughts on this. Let us know by dropping us a comment on our Instagram page.

Until next time!