Bollywood star Bobby Deol’s wholesome interaction with a Pakistani fan proves the internet can sometimes be a kind place

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Bobby Deol is a beloved Bollywood star and many twitter users from Pakistan have declared themselves to be a fan of his acting career. For instance, the hilarious meme account Bobbywood is run by a Pakistani Abdul Ahad Jawad who regularly makes hilarious memes out of clips from Bobby’s films and has also gotten some positive feedback from the maestro himself

This time it was Pakistani journalist and professor Maham Faheem Khan who wanted a chance to wish the actor “Happy Birthday” and also let him know that she was a huge fan of his work. She tweeted online that she was celebrating the actor’s birthday on 27th January and had baked a cake for him as well to celebrate the occasion, and hoped that she had a chance to get his attention


Soon, Bobby Deol came and thanked Maham himself for her wholesome request

And Twitter was moved to tears by this wholesome interaction and we were as well