Bollywood actress Sonam A Kapoor shares her stance on Israel-Palestine conflict




While many local and international celebrities have chosen to stay silent on the matter, Bollywood actress Sonam A Kapoor recently shared her stance on Israel-Palestine conflict. The actress expressed support for the people of Palestine amidst the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

Sonam, being known for her forthright remarks and candid personality has recently been sharing content in support of Palestinian Muslims. The Ranjhanaa actress shared posts to her Instagram stories documenting the ongoing plight of the people of Gaza.

Sharing a video of the infant affectees in Gaza, “Have mercy. How heart-wrenching!”, wrote the actress.

One was a picture which read: “Half of the people in Gaza are children.”

Sonam also shared a quote from a New York Times article written by Nicholas Kristof which talked of the prejudiced attitudes against Palestinian children.

Netizens praised the actress for taking a firm stand at a time when most celebrities, have chosen to stay silent on the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza.