Bilawal wants to nominate me Ambassador for Pakistani Mangoes: Luxembourg PM from Davos

Unexpectedly enough Bilawal’s visit to Davos happened to bring into the limelight- Pakistani mangoes.




Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto recently visited Davos to address crucial concerns relating to Pakistan’s economy, but unexpectedly enough the trip also brought into the limelight- Pakistani mangoes.

The surprise came as the foreign minister took to his Twitter handle sharing how he “bumped into” Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of Luxembourg and his appreciation for Pakistani mangoes. “Really happy to have bumped into PM @Xavier_Bettel of Luxembourg at Davos. Who has a special message for everyone about Pakistani Mangoes!” Bilawal posted.

 “I’ve been on a mission to prove our mangos are the best in the world. Happy to report the PM is a huge fan of our mangoes,” he added.

The World Economic Forum’s 53rd annual conference, held in Switzerland from January 16-20th aims to discuss “Cooperation in a Fragmented World.” to support creative solutions for some of the most serious problems confronting the world today.

In his position as Foreign Minister, Bilawal Bhutto has been playing an increasingly positive role for Pakistan’s international relations. Since taking on the role, Bhutto has been working to improve Pakistan’s relationships with other countries and its neighbors, and is now also promoting Pakistani 🥭.