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Umair Sajid

Umair Sajid

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Aisha Kothari , founder of AISPI, a collaborative space for young fashion enthusiasts

“Fashion is beyond consumerism, fashion is art, fashion is an experience! ” Aisha Kothari 



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Aispi ( I spy ), which started off as a passion project, a dinner table conversation starter  has now morphed itself into an organization of collaborative young geniuses led by the very enthusiast and the founder of Aispi, Aisha Kothari 

Aisha S Kothari was born and brought up in India – Studied and worked in the US and is now settled in Belgium.

What to do ?

Where to eat ?

Where to Shop ? 

These questions would frequently visit Kothari’s mind who also happens to be an avid traveler. But while it was easy to find the best steak in town or the most interesting place to visit , finding a locally produced and culturally rich piece of garment wasn’t!

This fashion inconvenience set forth the foundation for a friction-less trajectory leading Aisha to meticulously collect and develop a database of local European designers and boutiques in the process and instantly impacting the lives of 150 shops and designers, 40 emerging artists and over 6500 consumers. Syncing fashion and travel in perfect harmony Aisha has now been able to morph almost a cult like presence on Instagram.


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“Every time I visit a new city, I want to walk away with a piece of its heart – not a souvenir, but a statement – a conversation starter.”


AISPI provides young, talented and interesting design individuals a visibility point and helps them connect with possible buyers and travelers through their platform. By aiding fashion enthusiasts with their specially designed app to help them find boutiques on the go, an inbuilt filter to make your own personalized shopping map and finally order through an assortment of assiduously curated pieces.

But the curation doesn’t happen overnight, its a thoughtfully curated and an assiduously executed plan which involves four layers of processes, each more interesting than the last – the research begins online via Instagram and other social handles , escalating to trade and fashion shows, Pr events and studio visits to finding more interesting pieces and designers through word of mouth – the word ? a closely knit community of fashion pioneers.


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AISPI releases new designers and interesting goods frequently, keeping the assortment exclusive and unique. With this platform Aisha intends to  bridge the gap between the buyer – caught amidst an over current of cluttered and sponsored visual information and the unheard neophyte design genius.

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Fashion is beyond consumerism, fashion is art, fashion is an experience! says Aisha. With plans to expand the pool of designers, including Asian and South Asian boutiques in the future, Aisha is committed to the cause of bringing the true essence of fashion back.

In a world of mass consumed goods – keeping up with trends every couple of months becomes exhausting. Over the years fashion has lost its true meaning and exclusivity. Exquisite fabrics, experiential visual stimuli and an original narrative inspires Aisha to aid and bring these design masterpieces at the front of the line, clearing the clutter seam by seam.


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