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Abiya Manzoor

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Millenials today consider memes a vital part of their social media consumption. Not getting tagged by your friends in a certain meme can be a real mean job at their part.
Thanks to our meme lovers, this year brought some great memes to our screens. Scroll down for some of the funniest meme trends.

The Dissapointed Cricket Guy Meme
SUCH A MOOD!! This year’s worldcup was a topsy turvy ride for the Pakistani cricket team. This man really nails it with his expressions, depicting ever Pakistani’s feelings when the team drops an easy catch.

Tomato Memes
The sky rocketing prices of tomatoes in Pakistan made the internet go crazy.

Meray Paas Tum Ho Memes
Presenting you the 2 takka memes with a Mrs Khan twist.

Rewind With Sameena Peerzada Memes

…..And It Shows Memes
Some of you just scroll through the articles to look at pictures and it shows.

Gonna Tell My Kids
All the lies we’re going to tell our kids……i guess


Women Yelling at a Cat Memes
This one was loved by everyone at a global scale.

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Did we miss out on any of your favorite meme trends? Let us know.