Best Decor and Furniture Stores in Pakistan

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion Editor
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Dressed up ceilings, dressed up walls-Fall is the season to transform your home decor overall.
Your personal style isn’t limited to what you wear, your personal style should be an expression of your being and should reflect in everything around you. Your Home being your personal abode must have your own unique touch.
Various furniture and decor stores in Pakistan are truly acing the decor game. Vintage, rustic, modern, fusion, you name it -they have it!
Here’s a list of stores that provide you a good range of products and have a great taste.

Designers Guild

An ace amalgamation of rustic and modern with some instant refreshers.

Kit & Kaboodle
They do their work with passion and that’s evident. Intricate, warm yet sophisticated.

Marina Home Interiors
Combining rustic and contemporary with such skill, they surely makes statement pieces that everyone who visits your house is going to talk about.


Habitt has a wide range of products from home decor to fine cutlery. The best part is their super affordable price range.

DolceVita Home
A rich blend of grandeur and comfort, combined to give you the best experience possible. Crisp yet experimental, they are in it to win it!

Bespoke Collections for art lovers, some very outstanding statement pieces for a unique home decor experience.

Super functional yet super trendy! Plus they come with great prices.

Transform your abode into the home of your dreams!