Becoming a single mother was a liberating experience: Juvaria Abbasi

The actress opened up about her experience as a single mother and how she wishes for more women to be financially independent.

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Juvaria Abbasi sat down for an interview with Fuchsia Magazine and opened up about her experience of being a single mother, and how she found it to be a completely liberating experience after her divorce. She spoke about how in our society, women are taught that they cannot survive without their husbands but she learned that after becoming financially independent she was able to take care of her daughter on her own:

“Our society loves telling women that they cannot survive in this world if they don’t have a husband to take care of them. But I don’t encourage this kind of thought process because it was not difficult for me at all. I have a good job from where I earn a good amount which allows me to have a comfortable lifestyle and also take care of my daughter. I’m proud of the person she has become since she’s well educated, well groomed and now is also working as an actress.”


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Juvaria also talked about the stereotyped associated with single motherhood, saying that people do assume that since she’s an actress she cannot do such a good job of taking care of her daughter, as well as the huge assumptions made about the entertainment industry being corrupt. But she said that she doesn’t listen to what other people have to say, and is extremely proud of the way she raised her daughter:

“People make a lot of assumptions about how bad single motherhood is and might even think negatively of me since I’m an actress and now my daughter is an actress as well. But I am the sole person who took care of her alone and I think that I made my best effort in doing so, and I’m proud of the person she has become now.”

The actress also further elaborated that she was not against marriages, but she wished that single motherhood needs to be appreciated and normalized within our society, and women who have strong support groups within their families can leave abusive marriages and learn to develop a connection with themselves. She also praised how young girls after the covid-19 pandemic have started to become more financially independent and are doing jobs from their homes:

“I don’t think that marriage is wrong at all, but I don’t think that women should tolerate abusive situations. When I was divorced I was miserable for a long while. But I had a very supportive family surrounding me: my mother, m brother and my sister who also works in television. They never told me that I had ruined my life by getting divorced and supported me through this period as I earned alone and took care of my daughter. I’m also very happy that during the pandemic, I’ve seen young girls who are running businesses or doing jobs to become financially independent. It makes me so proud of them.”