Barzakh’s trailer proves there’s no need for Korean or Western series to tell a supernatural narrative




Like everyone, watching  Barzakh’s trailer has been rather refreshing; it’s also true that its eerie elements stay with you after watching it. It seems we don’t have to rely on Korean Dramas anymore or multi-season western series to feast our eyes on a good supernatural laden story.

The plot has been widely covered by everyone on social media and rightfully so, not only are we absolutely eager to see Sanam Saeed and Fawad Khan back together for a project but the plot and its emphasis on complex human emotions has glued us to checking our calendars till July 19th.

It revolves around a family thrown into emotional turmoil as the patriarch prepares to marry the ghost of his first lover. This unusual premise promises a diverse tapestry of emotions, including love and longing to mystery and fear.

Salman Shahid’s dialogue delivery and convincing emotional graph hooks you till the end. Sanam Saeed brings that mystical feminine energy to the screen, the one we’ve been craving to be showcased. Fawad Khan brings his own suave flair and panache to the screen that we almost forgot was his unique charm.

The draped red faces, the ominously fluttering pigeons, and of course Fawad’s kohl-rimmed eyes have us pondering on what the series has to offer. It’s no surprise that the maestro behind Churails and Cake, Asim Abbasi, Barzakh narrates an amalgamation of mystery against the surreal landscapes of the Hunza Valley.

The supernatural elements are seamlessly woven into the trailer, creating a world that is both enchanting and haunting. We love some other prominent faces also making an appearance including a very slick Khushal Khan, a very convincing Eman Suleman among others.

It’s true that Barzakh’s charm revolves around it’s supernatural elements but its evident that it’s much more than that. With its strong cast, intriguing plot, and captivating visuals, we are anxiously waiting for its release. We’re positive it’s going to be very, very special.