Bakhtawar Bhutto finally has the perfect solution to end patriarchal violence



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Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari, daughter of Benazir Bhutto the first female Prime Minister of Pakistan, has proven that the brains and intellect run in the family, by finally providing the perfect solution to end patriarchal violence.

Responding to the repeated incidents of violent assault on women, Bakhtawar proposed the solution that single men should be banned from public spaces saying “Single men should not be allowed out without being escorted by sisters, mothers, wives or daughters – perhaps then they will think twice before assaulting women”, in a tweet shared on her Twitter account.

This seems like a perfectly sensible, reasonable and logical explanation in wake of the recent epidemic of violent cases of assault by men, for which many have frequently used explanations such as “men cannot control themselves”, and men get “tempted” as a result of which they end up committing such crimes. Such explanations clearly and obviously imply the idea that men are creatures who are simply incapable of any kind of self-restraint or control over their own actions. They lack the ability to be mindful of their own behaviors and actions. And they do not possess basic sensitivity levels that may enable them to understand and relate to other genders. Therefore, no amount of decency, no matter how basic, can or should be expected out of them.

What follows as the only logical solution then, which surprisingly none of us thought of so far, is that men be banned and restricted from entering public spaces unaccompanied and unattended, because they pose a very serious threat to humans belonging to other genders, animals and all other life forms around them. God forbid if they get tempted by anything around them whether it be a young child, a healthy goat or a beautiful woman, things can go from happy to heinous, within a matter of seconds.

Consequently, shortly after her first tweet Bakhtawar Bhutto posted another one, reasserting her proposed solution saying “I stand by it.”

With femicide cases on the rise and men constantly refusing to acknowledge and correct their abhorrent, intolerable and unacceptable behaviors, what are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments section.