Bahria Town Karachi hosts a grand Pakistan day celebration!

Opening doors to a whole new wave of celebrations!


On the 23rd of March Bahria Town karachi celebrated Pakistan resolution day with the most prolific energy. The event started off with a bloggers meet up at Movenpick hotel and with an impeccably coordinated course of event, cruising in sponsored commutes to the Bahria town’s vicinity, the crowd was gathered to revel in the regalement the event put forth by the organizers. What followed was a tier of unforgettable fire works, day and night zoo visits and much more……

The grandeur lifestyle 

Bahria town already has a reputation of being the pioneers of setting extremely high standards of convenience and excellence in lifestyle. You must have heard about a dream within a dream but you’ll experience it for the first time here in the glitzy and bustling city of Karachi.

If sky is the limit then Bahria Town Karachi decided to take it a notch ahead, creating a mini city that has everything and more with the excellence expected and associated with Bahria Town. This city fulfills all your living needs and provides you with the right kind of entertainment and relaxation that you wouldn’t want to leave your neck of the woods for much! You’ll be so heavily occupied and engrossed in the grandeur lifestyle to pay attention to anything outside of it.

Perks of living in Bahria Town Karachi

A few monumental achievements include the worlds third largest mosque, the Rayhan golf course, the Danzoo, an Amphitheater, an amusement park and of course the comfort of anything and everything  associated with living at a fuss free haven. Bahria towns own movie theaters, malls, restaurants, spas, super markets, fitness clubs, commercial and community centers are just a few examples of how well planned and executed this project is.

The memorable fireworks of Pakistan day


The mesmerizing fireworks at the Eifle Tower was an awe awakening moment, beads of light dropping from the skies in a cluster of blaze created a luminescent castle of celebration in mid air. These fireworks lasted for half an hour leaving us patriotically  grateful for witnessing such a magnificent ceremony.

Danzoo and amphitheater 

People fond of animals have to search no more for a well kept zoological garden with a wide variety of healthy animals. ‘Danzoo’ is the utopia for these people and the gorgeous white lioness is the queen of the zoo and one has to stop and marvel her beauty. Black panthers, cheetahs, ostriches, lamas and many other animals are given intensive care and the best part about the zoo is that you can pay a visit any time around the clock! Bahria Town is the complete solution for the house you always dreamed about, and it has an unending list of perks you definitely deserve to enjoy!


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