Babar Azam is winning hearts on the internet with this wholesome interaction with a fan on twitter

“I’m not crying you’re crying” one user commented

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Its no surprise that how quickly the Pakistani mens cricket team has won the hearts of Pakistanis not just with their hard work and dedication to the sport, but also with the wholesome interactions they have had with their fans and with each other. Team captain Babar Azam proved that not only was he a good team player but also a humble ane gracious person when today on Twitter this journalist Alina Shigri shared a letter penned by an 8 year old Haroon who expressed his admiration for the cricket captain and said he wanted to become the future captain of the team some day.

Babar Azam responded to the viral tweet by thanking the boy for his kind words, and then promised that some day he would reach out to Haroon and ask him for his autograph when he becomes a captain.

“Dear Mohammad Haroon Suria,


Thank you for such a kind letter for us, champion. I ABSOLUTELY believe in you and you can achieve anything with your focus, belief, and hardwork.

You will get your autographs but I cant wait to get YOUR autograph future Captain. πŸ™Œ”

This wholesome interaction between Babar Azam and his fan moved the internet to tears because how often do we find mentors encouraging their mentees the way Babar Azam has?

There are really few days when the internet proves that it is not always a bad place, and Babar Azam just won our hearts by proving that how much it means to fans when you motivate them to follow their dreams.