Baal Baal Bach Gaye-Sunsilk Long and Healthy Growth|



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A hair emergency just occurred! Sarah fears her hair has stopped growing …no more hair flips, no more gorgeous insta selfies AAAAH!

We’re all for lambay, ghanay baal but we’re also fully aware how it’s not that easy to grow them past a certain length. That was the case for Sarah as well who thought her hair had stopped growing.

Eventually it bothered her mother too who like all mothers thought that this was going to put a halt to the incoming rishtas! However Sarah is adamant that she wants lambay baal as a personal choice and not due to societal pressures. All the chaos led Sarah’s Mother to organize a meeting with all the big wigs in their family aka Daadi, Khala, cousin and friend. Special mention for Daadi who is all for breaking stereotypes and is on Sarah’s side! How cool is that? Daadis are really the superheroes at the end of the day.

Finally, Sarah’s friend gave an effective solution in the shape of  Sunsilk Long and Healthy Shampoo which is infused with Biotin formula and saves the day. Sunsilk penetrates and nourishes your hair giving you the result you always wanted. This helps her fulfill the dream of having long, healthy hair and saves her from all those useless and baseless totkay ( read: Sherni kai ansoo and Machli kai andon ka tail).

Long hair continues to be desirable and is still considered to make an impression plus as Khala says” “baal nahi to selfie mein kamal nahi, TikTok pe dhamal nahi, YouTube pe views nahi aur rishton ke queues nahi.. because it is all in the hair”

Sunsilk really is the answer to all your hair related problems. Aren’t we all Sarah’s at the end of the day waiting for our hair to grow longer and thicker, well then you have the solution: IT’S SUNSILK LONG AND HEALTHY SHAMPOO!

Scroll down to view the whole episode and enjoy the comedic approach they have taken.