Ayyan Ali reacts to fat-shamers: shares journey through depressive eating & stress-induced heart attack 




Model and actress Ayyan Ali called out fat-shamers for callous attitudes towards people suffering from body issues as she shared her journey through depressive eating leading to weight gain and a stress-induced heart attack.

Detailing her emotional journey through severe mental and physical ailment, the model talked about how condemning people suffering from bodily impairments by fat-shaming them is considered a hate crime in many countries.

Talking about her own journey- she shared how she went from 60 kilos to 100 kilos and then organized a weight loss routine for herself that helped her lose about 60 kilos-within a span of 4 to 5 months- to manage serious health issues.

Ayyan opened about how the 2015 legal cases launched against her of money laundering had led her to depression, stress and panic attacks.

She also shared that matters were made worse by the immobile lifestyle she had been subjected to because of police surveillance and the shame the media cases brought into her social life- all of which contributed to the excessive weight gain.

Not being able to leave the house because of constant surveillance she was unable to go to any doctors- as a result of which she suffered from a heart attack a few months after being removed from ECL.

In order to address the excessive weight that had caused the heart problem, after leaving the hospital she began following an exercise regime that would typically only have been possible for professional male athletes. None of it would have been possible without the support of her family and a few friends she said.

At the end of it al,l she urged online trolls and fat-shamers to understand excessive weight gain and obesity for the serious health problem that it is- and to abstain from subjecting patients to undue pressures and mental torment!