Audiences praise drama ‘Jhoom’ for sensitive portrayal of mental health issues




With eight episodes in, drama ‘Jhoom’ is receiving praise from audiences for its sensitive portrayal of mental health issues, featuring a male lead who suffers from weak mental health.

In the drama, Aryaan (Haroon Kadwani) has experienced anger issues and depression, which stem from his mother abandoning their family. But unlike your usual Pakistani drama heroes, Aryaan speaks openly and very maturely about depression, taking full responsibility for his health and for making it better! Instead of letting things boil up to a point where he ends up turning into a villain who frequently lets out his aggression onto his wife, children and loved ones.

In a recent episode, during a job interview he is told that reports were found regarding him being admitted in a mental rehabilitation center in the past. Instead of denying the information, Aryaan candidly speaks about depression and what it does to the body, reminding the authorities that they should never stigmatize those suffering from mental health issues, especially when they work hard to overcome it.

‘Jhoom’ starring Zara Noor Abbas and Haroon Kadwani, has a storyline which revolves around an older and financially independent woman and her love interest. Audiences are praising the drama for bringing up the very pressing and present concern of mental health, and the need to get help for it.✔