Asfandyar missing Meenu?

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas

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Asfandyar missing Meenu?

Or is he just regretting ?!


Jalan is the most hyped drama being because of its controversial script. It has been airing on Ary Digital as per normal routine after being banned by PEMRA. The drama is no doubt, full of thrill and has kept the audience hooked to it despite the fact that alot of people are not in favor of such dramas to be aired.

Jalan has been in the spot light because if its bold script, where a sister starts having an affair with her brother-in-law. As in the last episode Meenu (Areeba Habib) passes away leaving behind her son, fans were heart-broken to see how her own sister Nisha (Minal Khan) ruins her married life to the point that she commits suicide. Not many were happy to see this as fans called this a weak script. Fans think that showing a woman that weak was not a good idea.

The drama is taking another turn in which slowly Asfandyar (Emmad Irfani) is seeing Nisha being changed when she comes to know that his financial status is not equal to his sister.

The next trailer of the drama shows how Nisha is showing her mean and selfish personality to Asfandyar and how quickly their relationship is getting ruined because of Nisha.

Asfandyar is somehow missing his ex wife Meenu and her uncondontional love for him but is ignoring his feelings.

Nisha, who is shown to be a very jealous girl, will now be served with karma and we just cant wait for the tables to turn and she goes through the same pain.

The drama will leave a strong message for sure for everyone out there in out society.

We just cant wait to see how the drama will further unfold for every character especially for Nisha.