Arooj Atfab makes history as the first Pakistani to win the Grammy award

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Arooj Aftab made all of Pakistan extremely proud yesterday when she won the Grammy award for Best Global Music Performance, being the first ever Pakistani to receive such a prestigious award.

In her speech, the musician congratulated the rest of the nominees and confessed that winning the spot felt like an impossible dream because of the talented people competing next to her. She also thanked all of her collaborators who helped her make the music and the fans who supported her


Social media began rejoicing the second this news hit the internet and everyone just had to say that in unprecedented times, Arooj had brought some well needed happiness because of her win.


Celebrities like Hadiqa Kiani also reached out to congratulated the singer and also said that this was the good news they needed in such difficult times