Arooj Aftab’s latest performance outfit speaks of the Palestinian plight




Pakistani-American singer Arooj Aftab expresses solidarity with the Palestinian plight sporting an orange rust silk embroidered suit created by Palestinian designer Yasmeen Mjalli, while touring for her album Love in Exile.


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In the words of Mjalli, Founder & Creative Director of intersectional fashion brand, Nöl Collective based in Palestinian territories, the philosophy of her brand is: ‘it all begins and ends with a return to the land.’

Aftab wore the orange rust suit during her live performance in London at the Barbican Hall on June 2. The final outfit, a rusted amber silk suit, showcased both Pakistani and Palestinian elements. The Grammy winner said she’s all about making her live performances reflect her music and values.

The jacket featured intricate tatreez embroidery along the lapels, cuffs, and hem, depicting motifs inspired by both cultures. The embroidery told a story of resilience and shared heritage, intertwining the narratives of Aftab and the Palestinian people. Complementing the jacket, Aftab wore matching high-waisted silk trousers adorned with delicate gold threadwork, reminiscent of traditional Pakistani craftsmanship.

Aftab took to her Instagram handle posting a photo of her attire with a heartfelt remark about the special collaboration. ‘This cooperation is so near to my little shattered heart. “This collaboration is so close to my broken little heart. Yasmeen Mjalli of Nöl Collective created this fire outfit with the troubling history and sorrow of a land so precious deeply woven into a raw silk fabric, in a colour of resistance and hope,” wrote Yasmeen Mjalli of Nöl Collective. “I wore it in London on stage performing Love in Exile. I will hold our shades of pain in power until we see the world change.”