Are You the “Nayi Awaaz” of Pakistan?




Every now and then, along comes a voice that stops traffic. It can ignite emotions. It can sooth. It can make you smile. It can make you cry. But above all else, it is unforgettable. Iss hi Awaaz ki hai Talaash!, Pakistan’s indigenous music platform, is looking for the new voice of Pakistan through an online talent hunt music competition. takes pride in hosting the rich and diverse music of Pakistan and being an equal opportunity platform, working on the principles of inclusivity to ensure everyone is given a platform to share their music and talent for the world to enjoy. Our nation is home to beautiful voices that are waiting to be found and this online music competition, is an opportunity for the uber music talent of Pakistan to showcase their skills and become the “nayi awaaz” of Pakistan.

In a recently released video, Umair Jaswal encouraged the undiscovered musicians to send in their entries for amazing prizes and an opportunity to get their song produced by a leading music producer of Pakistan.


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The competition is powered through the social media channels of Musicians and vocal artists will upload their songs on dedicated web portal. After an initial screening the videos will be uploaded on the, Bajao App, Facebook, and Instagram portals. People vote first for the top 10, then top 5, and finally the Top 3 winners of the competition.

So, if you or anyone you know is waiting to become the next star voice of Pakistan, then this is the chance! Sharpen those cords and bring out the vocals and send your recording to Pakistan is waiting to hear you!!

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