Are celebrities selling themselves by posting on social media?





In a recent interview with Momin Saqib, Iman Aly gave her opinion on social media and it being used as a prop by celebrities to sell themselves.

I don’t like social media because people are discourteous there, and you have to capture your own pictures. Earlier, stars were chased by paparazzi, for me if one captures and post their own pictures, it’s a cheap tactic, not the star attitude, people are selling themselves.”

She does clarify that this is her opinion and people don’t have to agree with her. However, this has started a conversation about whether posting pictures actually is a form of selling oneself.

With an influx in the influencer culture and paid promotions, there has been an increase in the monetary association with social media. This has turned out to be a source of income for many people.

Hence, there’s a systematic way of posting to garner more engagement. This doesn’t necessarily make it a bad thing. Actually its not a bad thing at all, brands through out the world rely on social media to promote their products through celebrities and influencers.

For many people posting their pictures on social media is also a form of self expression. Why can’t you feel your look and post about it, what’s wrong with it? Nothing.

Posting pictures on Instagram is also a great way to create an easy platform for engagement with your fans and followers, get their feedback and understand the trending views and topics as well.

The availability of pictures on the internet via the consent of the celebrities also takes away the obsession with paparazzi-which has for years threatened the security of celebrities and prominent personalities.

It’s true that social media has also given a hype to negativity, trolls and harassment, however when used in moderation with a sense of responsibility, social media has been an engine of engagement and entertainment.

What are your views on the issue? Do let us know.