Are animals also assaulted because of their clothing: Netizens ask after goat gang-raped




Are animals also raped because of the clothes they wear (or do not wear): Netizens ask after goat gang-raped in Okara. What kind of clothing should animals, particularly goats, wear to avoid getting raped? Should the clothes be ‘modest’ or would semi-modest work too? ? There is basically an urgent need for a dress code for animals to be specified, since apparently for many, rape is all about the clothing the victim chooses!

Recently, with news about a goat being gang-raped in the district of Okara surfacing, online users want to know what kind of clothes animals, particularly goats need to wear to avoid getting raped. Since it is apparently rape can be incurred on avoided on the basis of what is being worn at the time, by the human or animal who is raped.

The statistics relating to harassement and sexual abuse of women in Pakistan are horrendous. And now even animals are also being added to the list of affected victims!

However, a large fraction of the public deems the clothes women wear as a reason for the rising rape cases in the country. There have been innumerable instances of victim blaming where female victims have been made to feel responsible for the violent acts committed against their bodies, on the grounds that men are beings who are ‘naturally’ incapable of  rational or sensitive behavior and basic discipline, and therefore when confronted by a woman dressed according to her own tastes and preferences, are bound to resort to physical assault.

The only problem with this narrative is that women are confused. Because in this narrative, it sounds like there is little difference between a man and a horrid, vile and depraved monster.

Besides, if this is really the case then should men really even be allowed to roam freely on the city streets and in homes?

What are your thoughts on this victim-blaming mindset, that has been used time and again, to dismiss the anguish and pain that female victims face after instances of assault and abuse.