Anoushey Ashraf shares insightful post about the term ‘sastay liberals’ and what it really means!




Pakistani VJ and actress Anoushey Ashraf recently took to social media to give her insights on the recent debate relating to the term ‘sastay liberals’ and what it really means!

The actress highlighted how lately, the word ‘liberal’ is twisted and casually used as an insult to label and brand people or certain groups of people in a certain light, without taking into account their individual and subjective experiences, ideas and convictions.

She shared “The definition of the word liberal has just been twisted to encompass all that a person finds displeasing.” The Indus Music VJ also talked about how in Pakistan, usually the word liberal is used to refer to anything that appears to be different from the norm, because the people who benefit from the current system feel threatened anytime things seem to be changing.

She also shared the insightful comments on the subject, of one of her followers, who pointed out how we get upset every time Muslims are attacked for their beliefs, values and culture, but at the same time, are unwilling to offer any tolerance towards those who may feel, act or think differently from us!

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