An Insight to Marvi Shabbir and Zainab Salman’s Feud!

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas

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With the emerging power of social media feuds and controversies get hype very easily. Where there are cons attached to social media’s power there are definitely pros to it as well. Celebrities and people from the fashion industry have started raising their voice on social issues  and yes we agree that this act is somehow bringing a positive change for our society.

With a lot more feuds and controversies going on nowadays, model Marvi Shabbir posted a video on Instagram today with a caption ‘Models are not Mannequins’. The duration of the video is for 5 minutes in which the model looked quite upset sharing her shoot experience with famous designer, Zainab Salman. The model’s part of the story is as that she had committed to Zainab Salman for a shoot for which she had to reach at 4am in the morning. The model was taken to the venue which was about one and a half hour away from Lahore at a farm-house. The shoot ended at 11am because it was being done by an unprofessional photographer. The main problem which led to a feud was that Marvi was asked to give some shots for a fashion film which Zainab Salman didn’t mention earlier nor had any plans to pay for  (according to Marvi).

Marvi further added that she was humiliated and disrespected by Zainab and her manager at the venue and was asked to leave the place without providing conveyance to her. The Model even complained that her payment was given to her the next day and that too was just half the amount she was promised.

After giving an official statement to MangoBazz we too at Niche Lifestyle reached out to Zainab Salman to get to know her part of the story for which she gave an exclusive statement to us saying,

“We presume you are referring to the video posted on social media earlier this morning.

We had engaged the model for a photo shoot. Unfortunately, due to the model’s unwarranted, rude, and unprofessional behavior, the working relationship broke down during the shoot. Her behavior gave rise to an uncomfortable working environment for everyone else involved, so we decided to call off the shoot. The model was duly compensated for the work she had already done and her claim in this regard is false. Consistent with our practice and market reputation, we have always provided a healthy working environment for our team as well as other professionals we work with. Her claim of being mistreated is denied being wide off the mark.

We are also exploring our future legal course of action, if necessary.”


Zainab Salman took on instagram and shared a video with the screen-shots of their whatsApp chat regarding the feud. According to her, the model was extremely exhausted with back-to-back shoots and that was the reason for her rude and cranky  attitude.  Marvi was not cooperating with anyone on the set and due to her aggressive behavior with the team, Zainab had to wrap up the shoot. Zainab says that the model was only concerned about her payment which she was handed over the very next day and was safely dropped back from the location as well. Zainab further added that she completely understand it can get hard to work for consecutive 36 hours and if Marvi had brought this into her notice she would have postponed the shoot but her attitude disturbed everyone on set.


Having in an insight to the statements from both, we think Zainab and Marvi both are very professional and amazing human-beings and they can sit together to sort the matter peacefully and get over with the fued.