Amna Arshad: Redefining Elegance in Pakistani Fashion




When we think of fashion designers, it’s not often that we come across a legal eagle turned fashion trendsetter. However, that’s precisely the narrative that defines Amna Arshad’s journey in the world of fashion couture.

Hailing from Karachi, Pakistan, Amna Arshad has managed to carve her niche in the fashion industry, despite having pursued her formal education in Law. Her distinctive design philosophy and commitment to redefining fashion in Pakistan are proof to her passion, vision and hard-work.

A Design Aesthetic that Balances Modernity and Old-World Charm

Amna Arshad’s designs focus on enhancing a chic silhouette while maintaining sophistication. She is renowned for her one-of-a-kind designs which modernize old-world classics with unique twists, creating refined designs for various occasions.

Her ensembles include; pret (ready-to-wear), semi-formals, wedding wear, bridal attire and outfits that are perfect for the wedding party. Her designs are characterized by rich handcrafted techniques and the use of high-quality fabrics.

One of the missions of Amna Arshad is to combine unusual materials with ancient artistic techniques, creating works of art and elevating the next generation of master craftsmen. Each piece from her collection is considered a labour of love.Amna Arshad designs are not mass produced and are therefore each unique in their own way.

Khushi Wedding Couture’23: A Bridal Collection Like No Other

One of the latest highlights of Amna Arshad’s latest work is the much-anticipated ‘Khushi Wedding Couture 2023’ Collection. For brides-to-be and those looking to make a statement at weddings, this collection is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Drawing inspiration from a rich palette that includes deep reds, vibrant pinks, baby blues, and delicate pastels, Khushi Wedding Couture’ 23 demonstrates Amna’s impeccable taste and design finesse.

Our Top Picks From Khushi Wedding Couture’23 are:


The gorgeous deep maroon outfit has caught all of our undivided attention. From its Hyderabadi neckline to its straight cut top, the outfit is a fusion of age-old charm and a new modern look. The combination of traditional craftsmanship with rich colors and textures have created a stunning look.


Those looking for an intimate Nikkah outfit need to look no further, this gorgeous pure zari net gold bridal shirt is meant to turn heads and grab all the attention at the event. The beautiful traditional jaal pattern with intricate detailed embellishments of kora,dabka and resham have elevated the overall look. The shirt is paired with an olive green dupatta hand-worked on all four borders.