Amir Liaquat denies recent false statements being published about him



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Amir Liaquat who has recently been in the news for seemingly absurd statements, has officially denied all the news being circulated about him, including the part which said ‘Girls from LUMS, IBA, and BSS desperately want to marry him’, asserting that it has been part of a campaign to defame him.

The TV host and politician took to his official Instagram account to clear the air and debunk all the false news, where he wrote “This is not my statement, News source and reference are missing. When I responded @imrankhan.pti over his false and stupid statement that I am traitor and sale himself getting handsome amount, I was reacted and my reaction was natural. No body can buy me and my self respect after that a series of false statements appeared from different sites. False statements should not be believed – a few days ago, news was circulated that I had divorced Dania. All these things against me a message of keep quite — this man entered my home, even though I always defended his wife and the allegation against her, this false statement is also part of a campaign to defame me.”

The false statements in question involved Amir being wrongly quoted by various media outlets for having made a long and absurd assertion concerning the ‘young girls of today’ and his ‘duty as an Islamic scholar’. This statement (copied below) was also had been published without verification of the true source.