‘Allah Hoo’ by Bilal Saeed is winning hearts nationwide

Allah Hoo is a One Two Records & Regen.Pk presentation



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‘Allah Hoo’ by Bilal Saeed released on 16th April and has become a favorite in every house. Bilal Saeed has an expansive fan base which was anxiously waiting for his next release. The success of his latest release can be deciphered by the fact that ‘Allah Hoo’ is still trending on YouTube and has garnered more than 1.2 million views on YouTube in only 4 days.

The kalam is the voice of every believer who aims to get closer to Allah almighty. ‘Allah Hoo’ praises the Lord, His sovereign power, His glory and mercy. It mentions how we as humans forget and take His blessings for granted but He keeps on giving us and showering us with His bounty. The soulful kalam is bound to become a memorable piece that reminds us of the favours Allah has bestowed upon us.

The video for the kalam has been shot in the picturesque Northern areas of Pakistan. The video coupled with the audio gives you a wholesome audio-visual experience. Bilal Saeed’s soulful voice and texture, summed up with the healing instrumentals make this piece one of a kind. Bilal Saeed dons a crisp white Mohsin Naveed Ranjha outfit for the video. Murtaza Niaz takes the role of the Director for this video while Danial Shafeeq does the cinematography.

‘Allah Hoo’ comes as a treat for all the believers this Ramzan as a soulful and touching reminder to turn to God and worship Him and only Him. We are glad that this came our way this Ramzan and like all of our readers are listening to it on repeat.