All you need to know about the ‘IslamaGood’ petition!



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Everyday the internet brings surprises for us, one after another, non-stop! Here’s another one that has many Pakistanis in search of answers:

Someone filed a petition to change Islamabad’s to ‘Islama(good)’ because why not? In case this has you puzzled, here’s the original petition and the logic is right there:

The petition says ‘Islam is good. Pakistan love Islam. Why IslamaBAD? Love from Bangladesh.’ The petition was filed by a Bangladeshi man by the name Ayham Abrar who initiated on popular petition website ‘’. The online petition has been directed towards the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan.

Here’s how people are reacting to the interesting yet unusual petition:

We really doubt if Islamabad’s name would ever be changed to ‘IslamaGood’ but if there’s anything that has come out of this petition, it is a good laugh and some light-hearted online banter!

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