All what Pakistan’s have been googling in 2020

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas


All what Pakistan’s have been googling in 2020

2020 has been one of the most unpredictable and shocking year in the history. Since the start till the end we all have experienced a roller-coaster of events one after another.

Coronavirus has made this year the most difficult one as because of it the world had to face the pandemic and lockdown which resulted in losing our loved ones, many lost their jobs, a huge amount of businesses were shut down and the whole world was in a state of chaos, depression, pain and uncertainity.

With alot happening this year there were a few things that helped people to divert their attention.

Coronavirus, coronavirus updates, coronavirus cases in Pakistan, quarantine, covid-19, have been searched the most on google. Apart from the virus there is a list of people, dramas, and events that were googled the most in this year.

People who have been googled the most in 2020:

Marvi Sarmad

Sarah Khan

Alizeh Shah

Hareem Shah

Minahil Malik

Esra Bilgic

Falak Shabir

Joe Biden


Trending events and occasions in 2020: 

US Election

Leap day

International women’s day

Australia fire

Gilgit-Baltistan election 2020

Beirut blast

Motorway incident

Kabaddi world cup 2020

Under 19 world cup


Most googled dramas/seasons in 2020:


Meray Paas Tum Ho

Money Heist



Kuruluş: Osman




As we are finally in the last month of this year (which was just not easy for everyone) we hope and pray that all the hardships  and obstacles that this year has brought to us are left behind in this year. We hope to take a fresh and a positive start of the year 2021 and may Allah brings a lot of positive new beginnings filled with blessings for everyone out there and may this year help us forget all what we have faced in this year 2020, Amin!