‘Alif’ left us spellbound!

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas

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The most awaited Umera Ahmed’s novel based drama ‘Alif’ just aired its first episode last night and took the screen by storm and was nothing short of perfection. The powerful screen –play and such amazing command over the direction made us feel we are in a cinema watching a movie.


The first episodes usually are not that entertaining and do not hold the audience’s attention but Alif, just kept us spellbound from the start till the end. The first episode had different emotions rushing in from a young boy’s hope, helplessness of a girl to a mother’s pain who has lost her love, her husband (Ahsan Khan). The first episode has set the tone of the drama yet with all the characters so on point from the beginning that merging into their roles as the drama will proceed is going to be no less than a magical journey of  a well-written and well directed screen play.


Hamza Ali Abbasi:


Hamza is introduced as a young boy, Momin and the character is played by Pehlaaj Hassan. This young boy has seen his mother ( Kubra Khan) who cries in pain due his father’s absence and is very attached to his mother and writes letters to Allah to seek answers of where his father has gone.


Momin grows up as a very aggressive, bold and arrogant man who has worked very hard and has made his name as one of the best directors in the industry. From fame, money to some beautiful actresses admiring him, Qalb-e-Momin has it all. The drama will later unfold the story of Momin of how he is going to come out of this superficial life.



Sajal Aly:




Sajal is playing the character of Momina Sultan who is a young girl struggling to earn money for her family and for the treatment of her ailing brother. She works in some substantial soaps and dramas in the industry as she does not want to become a good actress, all she has in mind is to earn money to support her family. Unlike other actresses, Momina is a girl with a pure heart and soul and does not want to work with directors who use women as objects to attract the audience.


Kubra Khan:



Kubra as Husn-e-Jahan is another strong character in the drama, who is known as an eminent actress of the days gone by. She is admired by Momina as a beautiful, talented actress and on the other side we saw her as Momin’s emotional mother who is in deep grief .


Sadaf Knawal:



We think Sadaf kanwal has a small role in the drama as she has been shown as an actress and Momin’s current love interest whom he proposes with a ring and compares her beauty to Husn-e-Jahan.


We are anxiously looking forward to the second episode as the drama is so well-directed with such a strong grip over every character and we must say everyone was fantastic in their own specific roles!