Ali Sethi’s Live session’s are worth quarantining with!

Mahrang Anwer

Mahrang Anwer

In the midst of the Corona Virus stress and quarantine limitations, Ali Sethi has been keeping us all quite entertained and positive with his live sessions on Instagram where he shares a bowl of soy milk cereal with us.

He pulls up in a forest green button down and just wins our hearts with his pure and unfiltered expression of music.

ali sethi live

Some appreciation from the ardent fans

live with ali

ali sethi

ali sethi


He is snappy with the haters! While called a ‘Kanjar’ Ali replies.. ‘apka pura khandan kanjar’


The man is witty and not taking any hits while he gives his viewers some light hearted and organic content.

Not to mention Ali Sethi’s obsession with @swinery on Instagram, as his does his own versions of the Koala bear and the infamous alien.



Earlier this week we saw Ali bringing Rekha Bhardwaj, Vishal Bhardwaj and Farida Khanum together to fulfilling Vishal’s ultimate wish to hear Farida Khanum sing. Brought together by love, this live session was heart warming, packed with much needed positivity.

Mira Sethi shows some love to her brother by posting a video of his sessions, captioning ‘bhai ho tou aisa’

We have to admit Ali Sethi is making our quarantine way better than they are. Bringing together musicians, fans, artists and his exceptional vocals all on one platform!