Ali Safina: I have never restricted my acting identity to being a comic actor alone




Actor Ali Safina, who is famous for his comic roles recently appeared in an interview with Aamna Haider Isani where the two talked about Ali’s identity as an actor, his role as a much loved ghar daamaad in ‘Chupke Chupke‘, and his career trajectory as an actor.

The interview started off with a discussion of Safina’s recent success with comic roles with the actor having delivered three mega hits including ‘Chupke Chupke’ and ‘Takkay Ki Ayegi Baraat’. Safina however explained that he does not like to box and label himself. Having been a mechanical engineer professionally, then a music student, then an actor and also a radio jockey, even now he does not restrict his identity as an actor to comedy alone, considering himself to be ‘just an actor’, as every character comic or serious is equally important. He added that ultimately he wants to leave his footprint as an artist, and in his own mind sees himself as a ‘Superman’, so labels don’t make any sense.

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Talking about his role in ‘Chupke Chupke’, he laughingly recalled that the pre-Covid days when he first got a call to play Miskeen’s character, he was very fresh, regularly going to gym and invested in keeping himself well-groomed. The  first time he went to meet the director Danish Nawaz, he didn’t know anything about the character he would be playing and went on set after recently having gotten a fresh haircut from his stylist.



After meeting him, Danish changed up his hairstyle giving his hair a middle-parting, as that was the hairstyle which later stuck with him for his character as ‘Miskeen’ from Sadiqabad.


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 Talking about the layers beneath the character of ‘Miskeen’ as a ghar daamaad, Safina said that the drama’s director and he himself thought his character to be very special and giving. Despite coming off as laid back and particularly lazy, Miskeen was also someone who had taken up varied responsibilities, house chores and had left his own home, which is typically not the case with most men, just because of the love he had for his wife.

He also talked about other important roles he has played, saying that off-beat roles give an actor more of a landscape to play in, whereas lead roles can sometimes be very restrictive and hard-set in terms of expressions and roles. He also discussed the importance of interviews and reviews to keep actors and their work alive and maintaining their connection with audiences. However, he expressed his distaste over celebrities succumbing to mindless gimmicks just for the sake of gaining a stronger social media presence, with the intention to secure more projects.

Talking about his role in drama serial ‘Qaraar’ said the role he played was a lot of fun, but he wants to be more careful about playing such roles in future, because now he wants to focus more on roles that have more weight age, more margin, and more layers. Otherwise, if he continues to play light characters, which have more ‘gimmicks’ , then his own thirst as an actor will not be able to be quenched. He feels he still as a lot of potential in him which remains untapped and he still has a lot to do.

Speaking about his trajectory as an actor, Ali Safina said he has done some great projects but feels he is still at a stage in his career where he has to prove himself again and again as an actor, through the roles he plays.

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