Ali Gul Pir releases satire track “Tera Jism Meri Marzi”



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8th March is the time of the year when women in Pakistan come together to celebrate “Aurat March”, but its also when men try their hardest to drown out their voices with their criticism of the slogan “Mera jism meri marzi” (my body my choice). Countless misinterpretations done by the media and religious authorities have declared the slogan as “vulgar“, “anti-Islamic“, and also “anti-family“. When in reality, what “mera jism meri marzi” has actually done is to encourage women and children to gain control over their bodies.

Ali Gul Pir, a Pakistani comedian and rapper had tackled the misconception around the slogan  in his music video “Tera Jism Meri Marzi”, which is a satirical look at the critics of Aurat march and exposes the domestic violence women and girls suffer within their homes. The track also features Eva B, a young, niqabi rapper from Lyari who delivered some harsh truths about the unsafe environments built for women in their homes.

The music video was uploaded on YouTube and Twitter today on International Women’s Day and had quickly received positive reviews from the internet. Much of the responses appreciated the artist for tackling the misogyny of the critics of Aurat march, and also praised Eva B for boldly expressing her right to choose to wear a niqab or not. Some of the best responses are posted below:


You can watch the video by clicking on the link below:

by Mahnoor Jalal