Ali Ansari and Sehar Khan discuss their drama “Rang Mahal” with BBC Urdu

the pair open up about their characters, what drew them to the story and so much more!

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Sehar Khan and Ali Ansari are the main characters in the popular drama “Rang Mahal” which is about two people from different classes who fall in love with each other. Both gave an interview with BBC Urdu where they opened up about how they came to approach the project and the reason why it is such a success.

Sehar Khan mentioned that the drama had an intriguing story line which is why it has attracted so many followers:

“The story line is very compelling and completely different from everything that has been produced these days.”

While Ali Ansari said that the two things that helped in boosting the show’s popularity was that everyone on set helped each other and there wasn’t any competition or fights, and also that the storyline doesn’t drag on but there is an interesting twist in every episode.

“Everyone was helping each other and we treated each other like family. We weren’t fighting on sets and we helped each other in rehearsing for scenes. In the nine months that we shot together, everyone did a great job and there were no fights on set or misunderstandings…What I also love about the story line is that it doesn’t keep dragging on but there is an interesting twist in every episode which makes it so addictive.”

Opening up about her character Maha Para and her decision to wear western clothes as she gets a job and completes her education, Sehar Khan defended her decision by pointing out that her character chooses not to judge people on their clothing but on their morals and values:

“My character Maha Para has always been fond of fashion and likes to wear jeans. She starts wearing them more after she starts working when on her first day, her boss looks at her up and down and insults her for her dressing which hurts her a lot. Also she is the kind of person who doesn’t believe that a person’s dressing is what defines them but it is their morals and values. You will also notice that she doesn’t wear any kind of vulgar clothes, but makes sure that her clothing is decent.”

Ali Ansari also answered the view of whether he thought that his character Rayad was toxic because he refused to trust the woman he loves, to which he replied that he does feel the same way in a few scenes:

“There were a lot of things that I did not like for instance the fact that Rayad is eavesdropping in on every conversation happening between all the characters…I also want to point out that he is an intelligent character who takes a stand for Maha Para and goes against his family. But then in the later episodes he leaves because of a misunderstanding. Later he finds out that she is dead which devastates him, and then finding out that she is alive further upsets him because he doesn’t understand why people around him are lying so much. So it is about him trying to understand whom to trust.”

You can listen to the complete interview below:


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