Ahsan Mohsin Ikram proves he’s the wholesome husband everyone needs by defending Minal Khan on Instagram

get yourself a man like Ahsan who doesn’t stand in the way off how you choose to dress in live your life!

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Our society loves teaching men to be possessive of their wives, and keep a strict control over how they dress, where they choose to go or whom they choose to meet. But celebrities like Ahsan Mohsin is taking a stand against such sexist stereotypes by refusing to follow them and reminding everyone that a happy marriage is one where two people don’t control each other’s lives.

Just yesterday, Ahsan Mohsin was trending on social media when one of his clapback’s to the trolls became viral. The couple had posted a picture of themselves at an undersea restaurant where Minal was seen wearing a dress. Soon trolls came into the comment section to slut shame the actress, and one of them even commented underneath Ahsan’s post by asking him to control his wife because she is wearing such shameless clothes. To which the actor responded:

“Sorry to burst your bubble but I dream of a liberal Pakistan where women are allowed to make their own decisions and are not controlled by their husbands, brothers or fathers. My job is to guide, never dictate.”


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Kudo’s to Ahsan for being an awesome husband and never holding Minal back from living her life the way she wants! Hopefully this response generates an understanding among men in our society that they must never hold back the women in their lives from living the way they want.