Ahsan Khan Joins Yasir Nawaz’s Chakkar!



Yasir Nawaz’s upcoming project Chakkar has been under limelight for quiet some time now as a result of frequent cast shuffling. The film is reportedly a comedy thriller and as been written by Yasir Nawaz himself whereas the screenplay has been written by both Yasir Nawaz and Zafar Imran.


Initially Mawra Hocane and Feroze Khan were reported to have been selected to play the the lead roles of Chakkar. However; shortly news came in that the Khaani actor was no longer a part of the film and that, Bilal Ashraf was to take over the role.


Later another change in cast was announced when in an unconfirmed news it was heard that the Rangreza actor, Bilal Ashraf  had refused to work with Mawra Hocane leading the role to have been taken by the very handsome Imran Abbas!


Just when the news of Imran Abbas as the lead role against Mawra Hocane was taken for the final word, all of a sudden the news of Ahsan Khan joining the cast was announced – later confirming that Imran Abbas was not onboard anymore with the team of Chakkar.


In an interview with a local publication Ahsan Khan confirmed his role in by opening up about starring in Yasir Nawaz’s Chakkar, “I was always Nida and Yasir’s first choice for the lead. Nida had asked me if I was interested in playing the lead when she and Yasir came on my show months ago. The husband and wife duo gave off good vibes!”

We wish the team of Chakkar all the very best!

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