Ahmed Ali Akbar trends on Twitter as drama serial ‘Parizaad’ nears its end



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Ahmed Ali Akbar has been trending on Twitter as drama serial ‘Parizaad’ nears its end, with its second last episode being aired yesterday. Maintaining the level of the series, the episode was both well-written and well executed.

Accordingly, Twitterati have reacted with brilliant praises and appreciation for the plot, cast, dialogue and direction of the drama series.

Many praised the masterful cinematography of the drama which has captured the scenic beauty of Pakistan.

Meanwhile, most praised the cast for its brilliant acting, particularly Ahmed Ali Akbar for his execution of the main lead Parizaad.

Another extremely well-talked about aspect has been the script and the beautifully written dialogues of ‘Parizaad’.

While others commented on other cultural aspects that have been captured in the drama- such as Kashmiri hospitality!

The episode summed up the importance of dreams and aspirations- both being central themes of the drama.