Ahad Raza Mir trends on Twitter as fans are adoring the new Ramzan drama “Hum Tum”

Fans are calling Ahad Raza Mir the “Meme Sultan” because of his funny scenes in the drama

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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The Ramzan drama “Hum Tum” released its second episode yesterday and fans are already a fan of the storyline as well as Ahad Raza Mir’s acting. Critics are already calling the drama a fresh breath of air as it breaks away from stereotypical gender roles and gives us a show where the women are hard working and doing gaining impressive degrees in fields like Psychology and Computer Science, while the male leads are the ones who are focused at taking care of the household chores and kitchen duties. Ahad plays the character Adam who is studying Chemistry in college and takes care of his household duties and is also very caring and affectionate towards his sister.

Fans are also appreciating Ahad Raza Mir’s acting skills and have been making memes out of his clips. We’ve selected some of our favourite tweets for you to laugh at!

Fans are also adoring the chemistry between Ahad Raza Mir and Ramsha Khan who play rival chemistry students Adam and Neha and cannot agree on a single thing together

We’re looking forward to how this story turns out because so far this is better than any other drama we have seen so far!