Adeel Afzal reflects on his ace performance in Parizaad




The versatile and multi-talented youtuber, writer and actor Adeel Afzal who has recently captured the scene with his ace performance in Parizaad, featured in an interview where he talked about acting, culture and his journey uptil now.

Prior to his appearance in drama series Parizaad, many of Afzal’s videos, in which he expresses his insights on various important issues have been making the rounds on social media. The interview reveals much about the content creator.

Starting off with his early life and background, the interviewer questioned Afzal as to how he was so well-versed in Urdu, despite originally being from the city of Quetta. Adeel explained saying that he grew up in an environment where he was living alongside Pathans, Baloch, Hazaras, Sindhis and many Urdu-speaking communities. However, because they all studied at an Urdu medium school, almost everyone’s Urdu turned out to be very good. Explaining this further, he suggested that even if we pick up the history of Urdu, most writers and poets including Ahmed Faraz, Ashfaq Ahmed who were Pathan, were not necessarily born into Urdu-speaking families.

Talking about his education, he described that after Matric he would almost always fail in academics and his Science subjects. However, he said while doing his Masters in Public Administration, he found another outlet to channel his creativity as he would often do skits, debates and mimicry in  university. Following this, he explained his first experience in an artistic environment was with doing radio in his teens, where he realized he should pursue something in media.

Following this, pursuing a Bachelors in Film/TV Production at NCA he said it was not an easy journey as he was much older than almost all his batch mates, and was called ‘Adeel Bhai’ for it. However, acquiring the education of art, he learnt many important things about behaviors and emotion which made him a more emotional and sensitive person in life. Some of these things, he said were the need to break away from traditional stories and plots which only focused on a strong and powerful man, almost always rescuing a weak and powerless girl , which he learnt as a result of studying feminist theories. Another thing he said was learning about the socialist revolution in art which spoke about the need to make more room for different point of views in history, which is only always written from the perspective of rulers, kings and those in power.

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Talking about his pro performance in Parizaad, he said after the writing and direction he would credit Ahmed Ali Abbas’s acting for it, because when your co-actor gives you perfect cues and dynamics it naturally creates space for a powerful performance.

Scroll below to watch the interview of the multi-talented youtuber, writer and now actor for yourself!