Acne Gets Real In Summers— Here’s The Best Way To Fix It.



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The change in the season can trigger a host of problems for your skin. However, the special problem that summers can trigger is acne. As soon as the temperatures start rising, so do the signs of irritated skin that is struggling to remain in balance. It’s frustrating, affects your self-esteem and you might go on a skincare buying binge to deal with it.

However, you only need one thing to solve this problem, a good face wash for acne-prone skin, and we’re about to introduce it to you.

Why Does This Happen?
Acne is particularly triggered in summers because of dust storms that come with it. In Pakistan especially we’re seeing unprecedented levels of dust storms all of which land excessive amounts of bacteria on our faces. We can’t be washing our faces throughout the day so the chances of bacteria settling into your pores is high.

Moreover, as the temperatures shoot up, your skin starts producing more oil naturally. Once the oil in your pores gets excessive, your pores can get clogged, react with the bacteria, and become inflamed.

Even if you’re not in agreement with the aforementioned factors, know that the high temperatures generally keep skin inflamed. Unlike cool winters or even spring, your skin is extra warmed up and more susceptible to being inflamed even by the slightest of changes.

How Can We Deal With This?
You might be thinking yes, we know the reasons and we’re already stressed. How to go about this? The answer may be simpler than you can imagine. A face wash for pimples is where it’s at. Believe it or not, I personally struggle with acne as soon as summers arrive and the key to dealing with it has been to change my facewash.

Your face wash is an essential part of your routine— it cleans your face and makes the base for the rest of skincare products. If your base product is drying out your face, chances are it is making it oilier and more conducive to acne. If it does not have calming ingredients, it can trigger more acne by not controlling the bacteria. You need a targeted face wash for acne that can help control bacteria, and oil production, soothe your skin, and eventually control your breakouts.

The Best Cleanser
The Tea Tree and Neem face wash from Conatural is the best cleanser for oily and acne skin. It is loaded with antibacterial and antifungal properties. These may seem like big words but here’s what they do: they prevent the reoccurrence of acne and do not clog your skin. Moreover, the two named ingredients are known to have soothing properties that your acne face wash must have.

A good face wash for acne-prone skin that tailors to your needs is hard to come by because either some get too drying or some are simply antibacterial and not soothing too. This facewash gets it right, don’t sleep on it.