Abrar-ul-Haq once more gets criticized by the internet for posting a video of a little girl making a roti

“Young girls should be playing outside at this age. Not confined to kitchens and learning to make roti’s” one user commented

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


After portraying wives for questioning their husbands whereabouts as “sharks” and then claiming stay at home mothers are lazy for distracting their children with the song “Baby Shark” singer Abrar ul Haq has a new target: little girls. The internet caught attention of the singer’s latest twitter post where he had uploaded a picture of a little girl making a roti and then baking it.

Twitter users began pointing out that while making a roti was not a sexist job, every person needs to learn how to cook and clean from a young age as they are necessary life skills, but making it the sole responsibility of little girls to be groomed in this practice from a very young age and framing it as “training” is what makes it truly misogynist. In south asian societies, families expect little girls to learn everything that makes them the perfect wife but very often this rigorous training overlooks boys and allows them to stay away from learning household chores. So a celebrity like Abrar ul Haq who has a popular following within south asian communities should have been more mindful to prove that cooking wasn’t the sole responsibility of a woman and it was also men who need to learn household chores.

Twitter users had to criticize the singer for this misogynist video by expressing that training for the kitchen isn’t solely a woman’s job, and no parent in the right mindset would encourage their child to approach a hot stove at such a young age